APPENDIX 2: Details of Houses in Ashton Road & Butler Road


The house numbers given are as in 1994. Prior to 1936, only names were used. House names are still used in some cases, these are shown in italics. House names were not constant, but varied for the same property over the years presumably reflecting their owners wishes. Lot numbers and building details are as in the various plans for Kingsland Estate deposited with the Council 1878-1901 and given (with some ground-rents) on the Estate map (Fig 8). A later plan from the Guildhall has also been used which shows existing leases c. 1975 prior to their conversion to freehold. Comments on architecture are in part from the booklet (compiled by Mr D. East) on the Victorian Society summer tour to Shrewsbury in July 1991.

Ashton Road

5. Lauriston. Lot 7 leased and house designed by A. B. Deakin for a local solicitor, Mr Corser, and built in 1883. Queen Anne-style, red-brick with terra cotta and red stone dressings. Extensions were added in 1888 by Deakin and in 1896 by W. Bowdler.
7-9. Lots 8 & 9 originally leased by O. Jones and G. Evans. A pair of semi-detached dwellings built by Oliver Jones in 1885 and adapted as a Schools boarding-house in 1889 by one of the masters (Mr Bennett).
11. School Sanatorium previously known as the New House. Lots 11 & 12. Built for Shrewsbury School in 1913.
13-15. A pair of semi-detached houses which used to be known as Chance’s. Lots 13 & 14 originally leased by J. Parson Smith. Built in 1884 by J Parson Smith to designs by Lloyd Oswell and first rented by Mr Moser (who then built in 1886 the house which bears his name in Greville Road). Lilleshall bricks and pressed roof tiles from J. Parson Smith.
17. Headmasters House. Lots 15 & 16 originally leased by J. Parson Smith. Built in 1885 to designs by Lloyd Oswell. Known as Milverton in 1888/9, when Mr T. F. Poole was living there, and Carysfoot in 1899 when Col. Walker lived there. Now used by the Headmaster of Shrewsbury School.
19. Ardwyn. Lots 18 & 19. Built before 1902 when it appears on the OS map. Possibly commissioned by G. H. Morgan who was living there in 1906, Mrs Morgan is listed there in 1928.
21. The Withersage. Lots 20 & 21. Built before 1916 when it appears in the street directory. May have been commissioned by G. H. Morgan for a daughter. The Morgan surname is recorded here in 1928 not 1916.
23. Gorswen. Lots 22 & 23. Built before 1916 when it appears in the street directory.
23A. A new dwelling comprising one wing of the original house with a modern extension.

Butler Road

1. Frondeg. Lots 1 & 2. House built by A. B. Deakin in 1886. Black and white half-timbered, brick built house with stone-faced entrance and stone-faced Victorian Gothic windows and doorways. Decorative chimneys. Inside are heavy Gothic-styled wooden doors, nicely decorated with ecclesiastical-style mouldings and several windows with interesting stained glass. In the two principal rooms, the ceilings have attractive plaster mouldings, and there are two very good fire places, one in the entrance hall. The house has an attractive staircase. The garden is bounded by the original brick wall and contains a gazebo matching the style of the house.

Summerhouse at 1 Butler Road (illustration by Stella Straughan).
Summerhouse at 1 Butler Road (illustration by Stella Straughan).

3. The White House. Lot 3 on a site leased originally in 1841 by Mr Woodall (who also leased the plot of land on which no. 5 was built). A handsome house designed by N. Taylor of Shrewsbury in 1884/5. Built with white-faced bricks with stone dressings and redbrick strings and bands. Gabled.
5. Albany House. Lot 4 originally leased by Woodall. House designed by E. B. Benson and built by Gethin in 1884/5. Exterior is red brick with darker brick banding. Said to have been built “more for comfort than appearance”.22

Fig. 10. The Poplars – then and now. The top illustration reproduces a photograph taken about 1864. The bottom picture shows the same house (now known as 7 Butler Road) in 1993.
Fig. 10. The Poplars – then and now. The top illustration reproduces a photograph taken about 1864. The bottom picture shows the same house (now known as 7 Butler Road) in 1993.

7. The Poplars. The precise date when this house was built in not known. However, a house on the site is shown in Hitchcock’s map of 1832 and in the 1844 Tithe map when Thos. Andrews is listed as the occupier and Miss Pearson as the owner. The house is named as The Poplars in Tisdale’s map of 1875. It is possible that the house was built around 1796 if the lease recorded in 1855 to Miss Jane Pearson as expiring in 1895, was originally granted for 99 years. (The Shrewsbury Corporation Accounts show the ground rent for the house and garden to be £0. 1. 0). Photographs (taken apparently in 1864, one of which is reproduced in Fig. 10, above) show The Poplars as a plain three-storied brick house with a porch and iron railings at the front and a design compatible with the late 18th century. However, the front windows on the ground floor are more in keeping with the early 19th century. The original carriage road is clearly visible in this photograph as is the adjacent mature oak tree marking the site of the Skinners & Glovers Arbour. About 1886, the house was extensively altered and “Victorianised”. The roof line was altered completely and the facade embellished with four bay windows on the ground and first floors, white stone quoins and window decorations, a small wing to one side and a four columned porch. Fig. 10 (above) shows these alterations which make the original facade of the house unrecognisable.

Table 7A.
Table 7A.

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